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With safety and all necessary precautions at our working sites, we design your dream space.

A Safe Experience - Home Interior Designer

We are expert home interior designers in Gurgaon/Gurugram with a knack for creating spectacular houses, the ones which you can call your own proudly!

Our home interior designers believe in the idea of 'sky's the limit', which means that we can provide you with everything you need. Redesigning your home, bringing aesthetics to your workplace, or making a very hospitable environment for your hotel/restaurant, our home interior designers do it all! Whether you're taking up a full-scale interior design project or just looking for custom-made furniture, just think of us. We will provide you with the best interior design for your home, custom-made just for you and your specific needs.

We Serve the Best!

MWM Spaces believes in the process of organized planning to deliver the best. Here are the steps that our best home interior designers in Gurgaon follow for every project be it as small as a cupboard or as big as designing your dream abode:

The Key Steps in Interior Design Projects

  1. Client Brief: Before embarking on an interior design project we believe it is very important to have a clear understanding of the client's needs and choices to deliver a fulfilling outcome. Asking the right questions which will depict the client’s lifestyle, taste and preferences helps us understand the client’s expectations. Thus, we believe the process of any project starts with the client's brief first. We understand timely delivery is essential along with knowing their budget which helps us meet our client’s needs and within the given constraints.
  2. Feasibility of Work: Once we are done with the client brief the next step in line is to assess the feasibility of the work. Involving an understanding of the structural and spatial constraints of the given space, building codes, regulations, or any other factor that may affect the design. Practical and functional design is extremely essential to comply with the client’s choices and requirements and thus our expert home interior designers plan to give you the best.
  3. Space Planning: A very essential step for any interior design project. To create a functional layout that expands the available space, along with an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable space with premium interiors, space planning plays a huge role. Good planning will ensure enough room for movement, placement of the furniture and storage, and keeping a balance between all the different elements of design.
  4. Cost Estimation: Before the project starts it is very important to keep the client in a loop of the overall cost, and thus, it makes this extremely essential for transparency and accuracy.  After space planning, our best home interior designers discuss with our clients the overall estimated cost with a breakdown of all the costs that would include the materials, labor charges, and any other expenses. It is very important to discuss the overall cost before the beginning of the project to make the clients understand the budget requirements and plan the project accordingly.

Our Spectrum of Services
Civil work
False ceiling
Flooring & Wall tiling
Upvc Doors & windows
Customised furniture

Crafting Your Dream Design with Precision and Collaboration

  1. Design Development: This stage is where we translate your words into a design. This step involves a huge amount of coordination between the home interior designer and the client to meet your expectations. Design Development includes creating design concepts, establishing floor plans, furniture selection, and creating the color scheme to match your aesthetics.
  2. 3D Views: We are an interior design company that believes that the client should have a look at their dream design even before it is built. To provide a realistic representation of the proposed design, our home interior designers use a wide variety of 3D tools which allows the client to visualize the final outcome and to identify any flaw before the actual construction to deliver a flawless design that meets the client’s expectations.
  3. Materials & Finish Selections: Evaluating not just the aesthetics of different materials and finishes but also the quality and reliability that meet the design goals of the client’s requirements is very essential. So, our luxury home interior designer choose the best for your project that fits right for you! This stage is crucial as it includes the selection of the right material that matches your needs and requirements.
  4. BOQ and Design Sign-Off: After the finalization of the design, we prepare the Bill of Quantities(BOQ) as it provides a detailed list of all the materials, labor, and other expenses needed for the project. Once the client signs the BOQ, we have received the approval for the design and the cost estimate and begin with designing your dream.

We Customize Our Services

After understanding your requirements and budget, our home interior designer design your home the way you want.

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Delivering Impeccable Interior Design with Comprehensive Quality Checks

  1. Onsite/Offsite Execution: To ensure the construction is going as planned, and all the building codes and rules are followed, the execution stage is important as it involves the actual construction and implementation of the design. During this process, we coordinate with the stakeholders like the architects, the assigned interior design team, and the contractors.
  2. Quality Check: To make sure what we are delivering is in line with your dream we do 146 quality checks. The extensive quality check includes testing the material quality, functionality of the layout, and aesthetic appeal of the designs.
  3. Final Handover: Once we are done with the project it comes the time to hand it over to the client. We make sure the project has been completed in the given time frame, not exceeding the set budget limit and meeting the client’s expectations. In this stage, we ask the client to have a final walkthrough to ensure satisfaction with the final outcome.

More reasons to love us!
India's only full home warranty*
India's only full home warranty*

Up to 10-yrs for products & services

146 quality checks
146 quality checks

To give your home the best

45-day installation
45-day installation

Swift kitchens, wardrobes & storage

Personalised designs
Personalised designs

That are as unique as you

One-stop shop
One-stop shop

For all home interior needs

No hidden costs
No hidden costs

Ensures shock-free quotations

There are a million reasons to love us! To name a few-

  • Once our home interior designers have worked with you there is no going back anywhere else, as you get a full warranty for up to 10 years for all our products and services! Yes! You read it correctly! Not only this with our extensive 146 quality checks we plan to give you and your space the best!
  • We give you a 45-day installation with swift kitchens, smooth-opening wardrobes, and easily accessible storage, we bring you all with our custom-made furniture!
  • When designing a house, there is a lot of work! From running to buy the best furniture to the most comfortable mattress, from the safest wires to the best technology out there! We do it all for you! For hassle-free living, we are a one-stop shop for all home interior needs! 
  • We give you a word and then there’s no going back! This means that there are no hidden costs and therefore, we bring shock-free quotations to you!

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How do we make it right for you?

To achieve the best interior design for your home, you need the best home interior designer. Our home interior designers will curate the design that fits your style and needs the best. To elevate the look of your home, we bring custom-made furniture with futuristic automated solutions and art which will cater to your needs and tastes and bring the best experience of living.

We follow a proper process to make it right- 

  • designing on the canvas so that what you see, is what you get! 
  • Certified materials survive different tests like the moisture test, emission test, and what not, to make sure it is safe for you.
  • We make sure of perfection through inspection. We promise 146 quality checks!
  • Reliable packaging, to reach safely to your abode! We would love to make you see with what precision our home interior designers have worked on the furniture as well, and thus, no scratches!
  • With our swift installation, the process will be hassle-free.

Why wait for your dream home when you can get the best interior design with just a click!

A quote very apt is "Home is where the heart is.”

It is crucial that one's home truly reflects their personality and taste. At MWM Spaces, our luuxury interior designers give attention to every detail and use the latest techniques and trends in the market, to create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and practical. 

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, our luxury interior designers are passionate about creating beautiful, unique, and functional spaces reflecting the lifestyles and personalities of our clients. Our team of luxury interior designers in Gurgaon/ Gurugram has a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to quality, making sure that every project is executed with full precision and care.


Designs fitting your pocket size!

We bring you the most cost-effective prices, along with offering a wide range of premium interior design services including 3D drawings, layouts, and measurement plans. We have the best interior designers in Gurgaon, committed to meeting our client's expectations. 

We agree that top luxury interior designers in Gurgaon/Gurugram can seem like a luxury to many which only the wealthy can afford, but we believe that living a dream and having access to high-quality luxury interior designer services is for everyone. Thus, we offer pocket-friendly services custom-made to meet the needs of all kinds of budgets. Our talented team of luxury interior designers has years of experience in creating beautiful and premium interiors, keeping costs in mind. We work with a wide range of suppliers and vendors to source high-quality materials and furnishings at economical prices. This allows us to provide budget-friendly costs tailored to ensure you get the most value for your money.  

Extensive quality checks

We are an interior design company in Gurgaon/Gurugram, situated in the heart of the country and thus we understand what your heart wants! Once you pick MWM spaces, just leave it to us. Whether you want to refresh one room or wish to transform your abode, we will guide you through the best design process. From concept development to installation, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Our team of top luxury interior designers in Gurgaon/Gurugram helps our clients achieve their dreams while maintaining an extensive quality check throughout their journey with us. Our execution is hassle-free and we give attention to the smallest detail, so, all you have to do is bring your bags and open the door to comfort, elegance, and sophistication all at once!


We invite you to explore our webpage and see for yourself the versatile designs we have created for our clients. Please do not hesitate to contact or visit us at our interior design company in Gurgaon/Gurugram and schedule a consultation with us. 

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Don't know where to begin with your dream space? Let us help you!

Yes, absolutely! Personalizing the interior design of your home according to your taste is one of the main benefits of working with an interior designer. A good interior designer will work closely with you to understand your personal style, preferences, and needs for the space, and will incorporate these elements into the design. 

When working with an interior designer, it's important to communicate your preferences clearly and provide feedback throughout the design process. This will help ensure that the final design reflects your personal style and tastes, while also meeting your functional and practical needs.
Keep in mind that while an interior designer can offer guidance and recommendations, the final decisions on design elements such as furniture, colors, and accessories ultimately lie with you as the client.

There are vast options in today’s world such as Pinterest, Google, and other search engines that might give you an idea of what you like and don’t like but no matter how talented an individual is, he needs the help of an experienced home interior designer to get the design of his dreams.  While one can surely think of ideas, the task to put these ideas into implementation should surely be left to a designer. A major reason behind this is that you may end up wasting the majority of your time on ideas that may not even get executed properly. Plus there always remains a risk that the process may end up costing you a whole lot of money. A single individual may not have the necessary knowledge about all materials, but a company that caters to interior design on the other hand will definitely know about everything in complete detail and will also recommend you some other materials that would fit your requirements more perfectly. Save yourself from a headache and leave the job of interior designing to the MWM Spaces team of professionals.

While you could get your entire house designed through our service, the option to do it would 100% remain with you. 

Getting the whole house interior designed involves working with an interior designer to create a cohesive design concept for the entire house, including layout, color schemes, lighting design, furniture selection, and accessories. The interior designer will work with you to understand your needs and preferences and create a design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

On the other hand, getting only customized furniture involves working with the designers to create custom pieces that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. This approach may be more focused on the furniture itself, rather than the overall design concept of the space.
Rest assured in both approaches our interior designer at MWM Spaces will work closely with you to develop a design concept, create detailed drawings and specifications, select materials and finishes, and oversee the implementation of the design itself.

It's generally a good idea to meet with an interior designer early on in the construction process or right after you acquire the said property, as this will allow them to provide input and guidance on the layout and design of the space. 

Meeting with an interior designer early on in the construction process can also help to avoid costly mistakes and revisions down the line. By working together from the beginning, the designer and construction team can ensure that the design is fully integrated into the construction plans and that any issues or concerns are identified and addressed early on.

The process to start a query with any of our home interior designers is quite easy as all you would be required to simply call us at +91 8587885885.

Turnkey interior design projects have been gaining momentum lately and for all the right reasons. A turnkey interior design project will provide you with a complete solution for all your design needs right from the idea selection to its intended application. It follows a design and builds philosophy that will help you quickly save both your time as well as money. The best part about any turnkey interior project is that you won’t have to look anywhere else as a single firm will be able to take care of all your project requirements. Take your chance with the MWM Spaces team who have several years of experience that is sure to make your turnkey interior project a complete hit. 

Yes, we are one of India’s leading home interior designers to offer you a full home warranty.

If you decide to cancel your designing project within 7 days after paying the booking amount, MWM Spaces will offer a full refund of the booking fee. But, after 7 days if you cancel, there will be no refund.

We make sure to protect you from digital payment frauds. Whenever you place your order, you’ll receive a secure online payment link. Or, you can also make a payment through cash, cheque, or wire transfer.

Yes, our fee structure includes the charges of your designer, project manager, etc.

MWM Spaces offer you a host of services like customer furniture, flooring, tiling, etc. We put our countless efforts to provide you superior quality interiors with the help of proficient designers.

We take into account all the precautionary measures to ensure your safety in these tough times of the pandemic. We sanitize all our facilities, do temperature checks and it’s mandatory to wear masks and gloves to make your experience safer.

Your dream home is just a click away

*No. of homes delivered in October 2020 for every working hour | ¹Internal research carried out with Praxis | ²In comparison with a branded player and for exact scope | ³For kitchen, wardrobes and storage